Changing the perception of death

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Death is something we have no control over and it will always be and remain as one of the hardest thing each and every one of us has to cope with in life; however, there are things which can be done to live with the passing of loved ones. One of which could be a memorial in the memory of loved one or loved ones, this can be done privately in your home or publicly. There are lots of examples of public memorials, but one of the most well-known example in the United Kingdom, is that following the death of the Princess of Diana, the Princess of Wales, which saw the setting up of The Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, the fund-raised millions of pounds to help improve the lives of many disadvantaged people in the UK and across the world. Also, part of The Princess of Wales Memorial Fund is The Princess Diana Memorial Playground, a playground built in the loving memory of the late Princess Diana. The playground is visited by over 1,000,000 people each year. Although this is unusual and costly example nonetheless, it highlights how a devastating and life changing situation can bring about positive outcomes for so many people. A less expensive option, however, is a memorial bench. The bench is made to commemorate a loved one or loved ones and it can be put in your home or in a public place with permission from the local authority.  Also, less expensive are memorial websites, which aim to pay tributes to those who have passed away and their families. There are lots of charities and companies which not only help create and host memorial websites paying tribute to loved ones who have passed away, but also offer immeasurable support to bereaved families through what can be a tremendously difficult time. Such charities and companies are remarkable as they encourage bereaved families and friends to view the loss of a loved one or loved ones in a positive light.


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