Never give up

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We all hit low points in our lives, this could be for many reasons perhaps, you feel like you are not where you want to be in your life; perhaps you are unhappy with your job; or you feel as though you have not accomplished your dreams or you are simply just unhappy within yourself. When this happens, always take the time to reflect on your life, think about your past; where you have been, your present; where you are and lastly, your future; where you are going.

Some things in life, you just can’t control, but there are things which you can.  Many people have dreams, goals, and aspirations but don’t pursue them or put them into action. In life, sometimes things might not happen the first, second or even the 10th time of trying, things might not happen in the time you want them to happen, things might not go your way or perhaps not happen at all.

Always remember, never give up and always work hard to achieve your goals.  If you badly want something, strongly believe in something, seriously believe that you can do something, then it means that there is a strong chance that you can do it.  The keywords in chasing your dreams are Determination, Perseverance, Self-belief and Hard work.

  • Determination-Always keep trying
  • Perseverance-Never give up until you are ready to give up
  • Self-belief– Always believe in yourself and that you can do something
  • Hard work– Hard work always pays off and it turns dreams into a reality


Whenever you feel like giving up in life, always remember these words; determination, perseverance, self-belief and hard work.

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