Timeless fashion pieces for him

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Sometimes putting an outfit together can prove to be a difficult task, however, timeless fashion pieces can help to make this task a lot easier.  Timeless pieces will rarely let you down but you have to know how to put these fashion pieces together with other garments. Depending on the occasion the pieces can be dressed up or down. The secret to making the timeless pieces last; is to buy good quality items and look after them well. Take special care when washing timeless pieces by reading garment labels and being mindful of how and where you keep them.

For him

  • A pair of Converse high or low.
  • White tops of any style.
  • A trench coat can be dressed up or down
  • Loafers with or without a tassel depending on your taste. The best colours to go for are; dark or light blue, brown and black are safe but you can also try colours such as purple and dark green and maroon.
  • Chinos are perfect for every occasion. It’s always useful to have them in a wide range of colours such as green, blue and the most popular colour, beige
  • Ralph Lauren tops. There is just something about a polo top, long or short sleeve. It looks great on any man, and it’s easy to match with other things
  • A man clutch bag. Clutch bags are not just for women; they are the perfect accessory for when you are going for an interview, doing your weekend banking or nipping to the shops
  • A blazer. Sometimes a blazer can be all that is needed to complete an outfit. Black and blue are usually the safe colours when buying blazers, but you can try different colours if you get a good fit.


Chino trousers can be worn to any occasion and they won’t let you down.

If you don’t like paying lots of money for designer wear, then try T.K.maxx, Bicester Village or Amazon, for designer garments such as Ralph Lauren and lots more.

The size of a man’s clutch bag should depend on what you need it for.  If you are going to an interview, then the clutch bag should be large enough to fit all the material needed. If it is needed only for occasional use, then it should be big enough to accommodate your mobile phone, wallet, keys and anything else. Always make sure that you buy a bag with wrist handle to avoid losing it.

Take your time when buying a blazer because a good quality and good fit blazer will not only last a long time but can be worn with many different things

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