Healthy family

Healthy family tips recommended guidelines for food and drink reduce food and drink high in salt, sugar and fat reduce processed foods check food labels exercise regularly reduce television time reduce time spent on gadgets increase family activities talk more as family be kind, caring, loving and considerate towards each other how to spend time with the family

As parents, it is our duty to make sure that we teach and show our children how to live healthy lives.

Here is a checklist for healthy habits at home:

  • Eat well and incorporate recommended guidelines for food and drink in your day to day life
  • Reduce food and drinks high in saturated fat and sugar
  • Reduce salt
  • Reduce eating processed foods
  • Prepare fresh meals as often as you can
  • Check food labels to see what is in the food that you are eating
  • Exercise regularly as a family
  • Reduce television time and time spent on mobile phones, iPads, tablets and other electronic gadgets around the home
  • Increase family activities
  • Talk more as a family
  • Be kind, caring, loving and considerate towards each other as much as you can.


Try to encourage the whole family to do as many things on the list as possible.

By doing as many things as you can on the above list, you are investing in your family and you will see the benefits of this investment in your present and the future.


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