Healthy hydration glass

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It is important for children and adults to stay hydrated. Knowing the Healthy Hydration Glass is important for the whole family.


Source: Natural Hydration Council[1]

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Always explain to children the importance of healthy lifestyle choices so that they understand why we should eat well, get enough sleep and exercise in the hope that they will continue these habits when they lead independent lives.Explain what will happen to our health if we don’t get enough sleep, drink enough water and don’t exercise.

Use rewards, such as stickers, to encourage children to make healthy lifestyle choices. To enforce children’s healthy lifestyle choices, try to make the reward anything but food or drink (e.g. an extra story at bedtime.)

At home and when you are out with your family, always remember that you have control over your child’s health, so try and be assertive when it comes to their health and well-being.

Don’t try to incorporate all these recommendations at once; try practising one change at a time such as starting with the recommended sleep first and see if you notice a difference to your everyday life.  Then try to incorporate the recommended amount of water for your age etc.

Having a healthy lifestyle, seriously improves your health holistically and reduces the number of times the average person will get sick.

All the tables used on this page can be copied, pasted and altered to a desired size.


Always contact your doctor about any health concerns.

Although rare, over-hydration with any fluids can be dangerous



[1]  The Hydration Glass Is Taken from The Natural Hydration Council Website. Natural Hydration Glass, Hydration Glass, Http://Www.Naturalhydrationcouncil.Org.Uk/Wp-Content/Uploads/2012/06/Nhc_Glass1_Download.Pdf. (Accessed November 20, 2016)

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