Timeless fashion pieces for her

Timeless pieces for her timeless pieces for women fashion tips fashion tips for women trench coat ballet pumps white trainers converse leather gloves plain stud earrings leather clutch bag tote bag a blazer wardrobe tips nike reebok puma new balance expensive trainers cheap trainers kids vans how to what makes an outfit

There are fashion items which never go out of fashion and no matter what year it is; you can always get away with wearing them. All you need to know is how to put these fashion pieces together with other garments and how to dress them up or down. The secret to making timeless items last a long time is to buy good quality items and look after them well.  Take special care when washing timeless pieces by reading garment labels and being mindful of how and where you keep them.

For her:

  • White trainers will go with everything.
  • White tops will go with most things and can be worn on almost any occasion.
  • Trench coats never go out of fashion, and you can dress them up or down.
  • Good quality ballet pumps will usually go with most things. Try different colours such as black, orange, leopard skin, blue or pink, to make an outfit stand out. The style and shape of the pump will depend on your taste. Different shaped ballet pumps will go with different outfits, so you need to get the shape of the pump right.
  • Converse trainers will depend on your taste – you could go for high or low Converse. The best colours to go for are the classics; white, optical white, red, yellow, ecru, maroon and dark blue.
  • Leather gloves: black is safe, but you can try different colours such as red, orange or blue depending on the style and colour of your jacket or coat
  • Plain stud earrings – the size and colour depends on your preference.
  • Good quality riding boots – the style and colour is up to you.
  • A good quality leather clutch bag can be dressed up or down depending on what you are wearing. Whether you are nipping to the shops or going on an evening outing, a clutch bag will complete and add to your outfit.
  • Depending on your style and budget, a tote bag is handy and can be used for different occasions. Whatever your preference, make sure it’s of good quality and keeps your possessions safe.
  • A blazer. If you are fortunate enough to get a blazer that has a good fit, then it is likely that it will go with most things. It’s safe to stick to black when buying a blazer because you can wear it with almost anything.


If you struggle to find ballet pumps which you like, then try Freed of London. This is a specialist shop which makes dance shoes.  They have a wide range of ballet pumps and can put an outdoor sole on any of their ballet pumps which allows them to be worn outdoors.

White trainers whether its Converse, Vans, Keds, Nike, Reebok, Pumas, New Balance, cheap or expensive, white trainers will go with any outfit.

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