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It is important to have a copy of the ‘Healthy Pee Chart,’ sometimes referred to as the urine colour chart, as this educates the whole family about the healthy colour of urine. The colour of our pee is a good indicator of how much or how little we are drinking and knowing the colours and numbers will help encourage healthy drinking habits.  The urine colour chart not only enables the whole family to become knowledgeable about their fluid intake but it can also help identify other health problems.

Healthy Pee Chart

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The meaning of the numbers of the pee chart are as follows:

1-3 = Healthy pee; this is the ideal colour urine, which means you are hydrated.

4-5 = Mild dehydration; this colour urine means you need to start drinking

6    = Dehydrated; this colour urine means you need to drink

7    = Serious dehydration; this colour urine means you need to drink immediately

8    = Severely dehydrated; urine of this colour means you need to see your doctor.[1]

[1] This pee chart is taken from the Bracknell and Ascot Clinical Commissioning Group website. The clinical commissioning group was set up following the Health and Social Care Act 2012 as part of the major reconstruction of the NHS service delivery. Commissioning group Groups are responsible for buying health care services for the local population. The Healthy Pee chart was part of the material used as part the campaign for the Nutrition and Hydration Week. The Healthy Pee chart was used as part of the hydration checklist, but can also be used at home by adults and children to assess hydration status.


[1] And Ascot Clinical Commissioning Group, Entitled Nutrition And Hydration Week 2014, 14th – 20th Of March 2016, Under:  Hydration Checklist, Http://Www.Bracknellandascotccg.Nhs.Uk/Health-Campaigns/Nutrition-And-Hydration-Week-2016-14th-20th-March-2016/. (Accessed November 20, 2016)

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