Recommended fluid intake for younger and older children.

little boy drinking water from a sippy cup, recommended fluid intake for younger and older children best form of hydration for children children should drink water

As some young children can’t speak and are unable to tell when they are thirsty or when they need a drink of water, it is therefore extremely important that parents know the recommended fluid intake for Young children and try to incorporate this into children’s daily diet. Young children need relatively small amounts of fluid, while older children need more amounts of water per serving. [1]

Recommended fluid intake for younger and older children
Age categoryAmount of fluid per serving
Younger Children – 5 to 8 months150 ml
Older children – 8 to 11 months250 ml to 300 ml

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Source: Journal of Family Health Care


It is useful to use a sippy cup with the capacity of the recommended fluid intake or measurement scales which tell you how much your child is drinking.

Water is the best and most healthiest form of hydration for children.

Avoid putting juice in sippy cups, especially cups with straws as it’s not always easy to clean such parts of the cup thoroughly.


[1] These Recommendations Are Suggested by Benelam and Wyness, (2010) Cited in Nutritional Insights, written by Derbyshire, E., Published in The Journal of Family Health Care Volume 23: Number 5, Hydration and Children Under; How Much Water Does a Child Need? Http://Www.Nutritional-Insight.Co.Uk/Wp-Content/Uploads/2015/05/JFHC-Hydration_And-Children2.Pdf. (Accessed November 20, 2016)

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