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If you love having clean trainers for yourself or your family, then try these dos’ and don’t’s for keeping trainers looking new.  The secret is washing them whenever they become dirty.  Most trainers can be washed (and should be washed) whenever they become dirty. Having clean trainers is especially important when perhaps you and the children are planning to go somewhere special or just a day out. Having clean trainers allows you to look nice and presentable without having to buy a new pair of shoes. Whatever your reason, washing your trainers will not only keep your trainers looking new but will also save you money.

Do’s for washing trainers

  • Remove dirt before washing the trainers
  • Always remove shoe laces and remove any knots in the laces
  • Wash the laces separately with similar colours
  • Always place trainers in a light garment and wash them with other garments
  • Always wash trainers with similar colours
  • Dry trainers in direct sunlight or near the radiator
  • Allow trainers to dry properly before wearing them
  • Wash the trainers again if necessary

Don’t’s for washing trainers

  • Avoid washing trainers separately from clothes
  • Avoid putting trainers directly on the radiator
  • Avoid tumble trying trainers
  • Avoid washing trainers with the laces still in the shoes


Wash shoelaces separately and with similar colours, i.e. if the laces are white, wash them with white garments, wash black laces with black garments as this will allow the laces to remain their original colour.  Similarly, always wash trainers with similar colours, for example, wash white trainers with white garments and red trainers with similar colours.

Place trainers in a light material such as a pillow case, trousers or a top and make sure that the material is secure so that the trainers don’t come out during the washing, you could tie a knot to secure the pillow case or garment used to wash the trainers in. Washing trainers together with clothes reduces damage to the trainers and the risk of damage to the washing machine.

Drying trainers in a tumble dryer or on a radiator, may shrink the trainers which might result in the trainers becoming tight or going down in size, change the material and worse of all, damage the trainers.

Some trainers should only be hand washed; always check the fabric or material used. Material which should be hand washed include; leather, faux leather, and fur trainers. Depending on the type of dirt on the trainers, use a soapy damp cloth or sponge and scrub brush to clean around the hard areas of the shoe. When hand washing trainers, always put a piece of old clothing inside the trainers to avoid wetting the inside of the trainers.


While most trainers can be washed in a washing machine, some trainers should only be hand-washed.

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