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One of the many definitions of failure is; “the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective and may be viewed as the opposite of success.[1] Failure is not always a bad thing and if reflected upon, can make a person successful. The best way to deal with failure is to always prepare for it and remember that failure is part of life and can happen to anyone.

When you are embarking on anything in life, it’s important to consider what you will do if you do fail. While success is always the desired outcome, the reality is that there are always two possible outcomes – a pass or fail, successful or unsuccessful. Always hope for the best and prepare for the worst, because it is a lot easier to deal with a good outcome than it is to deal with an unexpected bad outcome. One of the reasons why some of us get extremely low when we ‘fail’ at something is because we only prepare for the positive outcome.  This is not the same as saying that you are preparing to fail but rather, you are mentally preparing what you will do, should you fail.

When preparing yourself for the worst outcome, you should always think about the following:

  • Always remember that there are two possible outcomes; success or failure
  • Plan and know what you will do if you are unsuccessful
  • Ask yourself the following questions:

Will I try again and again and again until I succeed or will I lower my target?

Will I give up completely or change my strategy?



Learn to see failure as an outcome just as valuable as success.

The best way to look at this is by imaging what happens when a person flips a coin. What are the two possible outcomes when a person flips a coin? Heads or tails.  In the same way, you can see being successful or unsuccessful as the two possible outcomes when doing anything in life; this way of thinking will make failure much easier to deal with.

While there are some things in life which you can afford to give up completely, take a change of direction on or do at a different time, there are also things in life which you cannot and absolutely should not give up on.

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