Timeless fashion pieces for children

Timeless pieces for children fashion pieces for children converse crib shoes body warmer rain jacket dungarees ugg boots sheepskin boots matching waterproof trousers and jacket smocked dresses gingham dresses collar dresses fashion for children style tips for children

There are fashion items which are a must have for babies and children because they are just simply too cute. These timeless fashion items are sure to turn heads as they look every inch adorable and best of all, they are practical for different seasons. However, to get the most out of these items, special attention has to be given to the quality of the items being bought and care to how these are washed and kept.

For children

  • A pair of converse high tops or low, always look super cool on children.
  • Soft sole leather crib shoes. Bright unisex colours such as yellow, orange, green and red all look super-cute on children.
  • A body warmer. Popular colours for bodywarmers are green, orange, red and yellow.
  • A knitted fur pompom bobble hat. It is always better to buy one with detachable fur and in one colour as this will go with most outfits, as well as jackets and coats.
  • A colourful rain jacket. Yellow, red and green are unisex colours and will go with most outfits.
  • Colourful Wellington boots Yellow and red are nice bright colours for children and, best of all, they are unisex colours.
  • Dungarees, the style will depend on your preference but aim to buy them one or two sizes up so that they can wear them for longer.
  • All in one jacket suit/snow suit. This is the perfect jacket for children under two years in the cold. Not only does the suit keep children nice and warm but it’s also waterproof – perfect for jumping in muddy puddles.
  • Onesie suit. You can buy onesies for different occasions – for going out, sleeping and wearing around the house.
  • Matching waterproof trousers and jacket. These are perfect for rainy and cold seasons.
  • Warm sheepskin boots and booties. Warm boots should be worn by both girls and boys in the cold season.
  • Trousers with suspender belts or braces. These just always look adorable on small children. You can buy the brace belt separately and attach it to any trouser, provided the trouser has brace buttons
  • Smocked, pinafore, gingham and collar dresses look lovely on girls.
  • Different style romper suits are perfect outfits for children in the summer.


Crib shoes are perfect walking shoes for children because they are light on the feet and they are molded by the child’s feet.

Whether it’s Uggs, Just Sheepskin or any other brand, real sheep skin boots and booties really help to keep children warm in the cold seasons

Though high converse take a bit longer to put on, children are less likely to take them off while wearing them. Low converse trainers are easier to put on but more likely to come off when wearing them.

Amazon and eBay are good for children’s fur pompom hats, crib shoes and booties, onesie suits, and matching waterproof trouser and jackets

Dungarees don’t only look cute on children, but they can also be worn the whole year around. If you don’t like them slightly bigger, then buy them in the right size for your child.

Always buy a good quality all in one suit jacket/snowsuit, one which is fleece lined and has a hood.

A matching pair of waterproof trousers and jacket are extremely handy to have. Separate waterproof trousers and jacket will mean that the child can wear these individually with other outfits, they are easy to clean and don’t require ironing.

Onesies are great for saving time, whether they are wearing it to bed or around the house.  Depending on the material, some onesies don’t need ironing and keep the children warm in the cold seasons. It’s always better to buy footless onesies for children aged 1 and over, as children of this age group are more active and more likely to slip if the suit doesn’t have non-slip feet.

When buying sheepskin boots for older children, it is best to buy them in chestnut or brown, colours which are less likely to show dirt. Check out T.K. Maxx for warm children’s boots and booties.


Onesies suits with feet can be very slippery on certain floor surfaces and children should take extra care when wearing onesie suits around the house. As a safety precaution, onesie without non-slip feet should always be slipped off and put back on just before sleep time to avoid slipping.

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