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Sainsbury’s Wholemeal Bread

If you love super soft wholemeal bread, medium or thin-sliced at a very low price then the Sainsbury’s Wholemeal Bread is for you. Healthy and perfect for having with soups, toasting, soldiers and sandwiches. The Sainsbury’s wholemeal bread is by far one of the best non-branded wholemeal bread.

Apple and Alphonso Mango High Juice

For those who love high juice, you must try the Sainsbury’s Apple and Alphonso Mango High Juice, it’s sweet and amazingly smooth on the palate, but don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself. This high juice comes in three other flavours – orange, summer fruits, and blackcurrant.

Sainsbury’s Sweet Chili Sauce.

The Sainsbury’s Sweet Chilli Sauce is delicious, and mild in hotness, so it’s good for those who prefer a much milder sauce. The sauce comes in 300g and 600g servings and it’s perfect for dipping, adding to sweet oriental dishes and sandwiches of any type.


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