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The Pantry flour at Aldi

Whether you are baking bread, cakes, scones, pastry, or chapatti, Aldi’s The Pantry range will not let you down. The quality of the flour is really good and will do wonders for any flour recipe.  Besides, you can’t go wrong with the price.

Mamia Nappies

If you prefer buying non-branded nappies, want to stop buying branded nappies or you buy both non-branded and branded, then the Mamia nappies from Aldi are worth trying. They are super cheap, and they do the job.


While the Mamia nappies are good quality for non-branded nappies, it’s recommended that children’s nappies should be frequently changed throughout the day, to avoid leakages and most importantly, bacterial infections such as nappy rash.

Biscuits at Aldi

Whatever your biscuit tastes, Aldi has a wide range of biscuits, from Rich Tea, Custard Creams, shortbread, Bourbons to Digestives, Aldi has it all.  The quality is fantastic, and the prices are startling. If you love your biscuits then try the Aldi biscuits; seriously, you will not regret this.

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