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Kirkland Signature Heavy Duty Super Premium Quality Foodservice Aluminium Foil

If you use foil a lot in your house or use foil for commercial purposes, I highly recommend buying the Costco foil. Depending on the purpose for the foil, the Costco Kirkland Signature Heavy Duty Super Premium Quality Food Service Aluminium Foil is 45cm-x-100m. It’s unbelievably strong. The Costco foil is like mental and in terms of leaking, it won’t let you down. It is perfect for those who use foil when cooking on the hob or in the oven because they hate washing the oven tray after use, or for those who use foil for packed lunches or breakfast for work or school, or for those who just simply like using foil to cover food and drinks at home, you can even wash and re-use this foil, because it’s so strong. And what is even more exciting about the Costco foil, is that it lasts.  This probably sounds too good to be true, but it’s true; the Costco foil can keep going and going and going, in an ordinary household, depending on how you use your foil, it can easily last anywhere between two to seven months. It’s brilliant.

Coconut Water at Costco

If you love coconut water and have never been to Costco, then you are missing out on some serious savings. If your drink or buy coconut water in large quantities, then buying it from Costco is the best option for you and they have a wide range of brands including Vita Coco, Zico, Goya and Kirkland Signature coconut water.  Buying your coconut water from Costco will seriously save you money, and if you don’t believe the hype, you should really check it out for yourself.

Washing Powder, Liquid Fabric Conditioner at Costco

If you often find yourself buying washing powder or liquid and fabric conditioner throughout the year, then I highly recommend that you try buying these items from Costco. Costco has a wide range of leading brands and of course, Kirkland Signature. The fantastic thing about buying laundry items at Costco is that these items come in professional sizes which you won’t find in ordinary supermarkets. What is even more exciting about buying at Costco, especially with non-food items like washing powder or liquid and fabric conditioner is that you can buy enough to last you the whole year, saving you time and money.


The benefits of shopping at Costco Wholesale are endless, however, to shop at Costco Wholesale, you need to become a member. Please click this link for information on Costco membership.

If you are buying more than one of the any of the laundry items, it’s important to make sure that items such washing powder and other items which come in tablet form, are stored in a dry place and away from children’s reach.


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