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Children’s and Baby Clothes at John Lewis

John Lewis really pride themselves on quality and value; whatever your budget, you can trust that John Lewis will cater for you when shopping for children’s and baby’s clothes. While brands at John Lewis speak for themselves, products under John Lewis are also designed to give you quality and value for money. Whatever your style, whether you are shopping for baby clothes, young children or school uniform, John Lewis has a wide range to suit most people.

Items to look out for at John Lewis:

Children shoes

Children underwear

Children’s swimwear

School Jackets

School uniform

Tights for school and normal wear 


It’s important to remember that prices at John Lewis will sometimes appear slightly higher but you are buying good-quality items which will last. Sometimes good quality items cost that little bit more, but they give you confidence and peace of mind, whereas buying something at a low price can sometimes compromise quality. And may even end up costing you more if the item falls apart or breaks down.  In a worst-case scenario, you may even have to buy a new item, if the old one is beyond repair.

When buying items such as clothing and shoes, it is important to put quality over price e.g. when buying school shoes. Children wear school shoes five days a week, in all weathers and for long hours, so school shoes need to be comfortable and sturdy. Other items where quality should be put before price are school coats/jackets, tights, trousers, and skirts. However, buying reduced or sale items will take care of both quality and price.

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