Tesco Finest Cornish Clotted Cream

If you love clotted cream, then you must try Tesco Finest Cornish Clotted Cream. It’s super soft with a golden crisp crust, perfect for the days when you just want scones with the finest cream and some jam.


For maximum enjoyment, try Tesco Finest Clotted Cream with freshly baked scones homemade or bought topped with strawberry jam or with Tesco Finest Brioche Loaf or perhaps plain or chocolate chip brioche rolls.

This is the perfect secret ingredient when baking a homemade sponge cake with cream in the middle, or when hosting a tea party for family or friends, or both, or perhaps you want to indulge in any of these by yourself.

Eat in moderation and try not to get addicted
Tesco Anti-Bacterial Cleaner Spray

I have used quite a few anti-bacterial surface sprays, both branded and non-branded, but nothing beats the Tesco Anti-Bacterial Surface Spray, it’s cheap and smells amazing, if you -don’t believe me, try it for yourself!

Tesco White Tortilla Wraps.

The Tesco tortilla wraps taste great and they don’t cost much. The wraps come in three flavours, plain, sweet chili and Mediterranean herb, which is great if you like getting creative with tortilla wraps.  And what’s more is that they are suitable for vegetarians and home freezing.

Tesco Homebake Baguettes and Petit Pains.

If you love fresh, warm and soft bread, then you need to try the part-baked baguette and mini white rolls from Tesco. Whether you are having it with soup, as a baguette sandwich, plain with butter as it melts in the middle of the warm bread, or simply just by itself, these part-bakes are perfect for the days when you just want fresh, warm bread. Baking bread can be a tricky task, so this is a much easier option for those who don’t know how to, can’t be bothered to, have never tried to, or will one day try to, but not right now, type of people.  As for the “I attempted to bake bread, but it went completely wrong” type of people, just try the part-baked bread from Tesco because it’s incredible and the price is something to shout about.


The secret when baking the Tesco Homebake Baguettes and Petit Pains, is knowing how you like your bread; either super soft all over or just soft in the middle but with a hard outer layer.

For super soft, aim to have the bread just slightly golden and for a hard outer layer bake the bread until the majority of the bread turns gold.

Always daub a bit of water with your hands around the bread before baking it.

Tesco Everyday Value Nappy Bags 300.

If you use nappy bags and haven’t tried the Tesco Everyday Day Value Nappy Bags, then you are missing out on savings and good value.  The Tesco nappy bags are strong and do the important job of disposing of smelly nappies. You get 300 in a pack and wait until you see the price! Nappy bags can be used to dispose of and store different things and not just disposing of nappies.


Using these scented nappy bags means you don’t have to empty your rubbish bin every time you put a smelly nappy in it. For nappies with really strong smells, always use two nappy bags.

Nappy bags can be used to dispose of items such as sanitary towels, used makeup wipes, cotton buds, in the toilets and bathrooms.

Nappy bags can also be used to dispose of rubbish in the car, keeping your car clean and free from rubbish, just hang the light nappy bag on the gear stick or anywhere else in the car and dispose of it when you leave the car.

Nappy bags can be used to store toiletry items when travelling, when you don’t want to take a whole pack or when something is wet.

You can also use nappy bags to dispose of dirty tissues when you have a cold or flu and are too unwell to take the used tissues or wipes to the rubbish bin.

Always keep plastic bags away from children.
Always tie up and dispose of the nappy bag once you have finished using it, especially if you have small or young children.


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