Recommended sleep for people aged 14-65+

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These recommended sleep hours for the 14 -65+ age category are suggested by The National Sleep Foundation. These recommendations are believed to be the best for sleep duration as well as health.

Age groupAmount of sleep
Teenagers 14-17Night time: 8-10
Young people 18-25Night time: 7- 9 hours
Adults 26-64Night time: 7- 9 hours
Older people 65+Night time: 7- 8 hours

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Source: The National Sleep Foundation


It is important to aim for the recommended amount of sleep as this can seriously improve health and well-being.

It is important to have copies of sleep recommendations in the house because once you have the information, you are more likely to incorporate the recommendations into your daily life.


National Sleep Foundation, How Much Sleep Do We Really Need, Https://Sleepfoundation.Org/How-Sleep-Works/How-Much-Sleep-Do-We-Really-Need/Page/0/2. (Accessed November 20, 2016)


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