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Pampers Deal at Asda

Asda has an ongoing deal on Pampers sizes 2 -6+ worth checking out. Anyone who buys Pampers knows that Pampers really do speak for themselves. Pamper nappies lock in the wetness better and cause fewer leakages, making them much drier than other nappies. However, the fact remains that Pampers are more expensive, especially if you are using them during the daytime and night-time. Even for those using Pampers only during the night time, the costs do add up. But Buying Pampers under the Asda Pamper deal will make a difference, so it’s perfect for those who want to save money.


When buying non-food items such as nappies, it’s always a good idea to buy these items in bulk, to save time and money. You could try buying 4 packs of the Pampers – this will still qualify you for the deal – buying two packets in the size which you need immediately and two packets in the next size up. When buying different sizes, you need to know your child; are they a fast grower or a little slower? It is important to remember that children and babies are different and that, while some children and babies will stay in the same nappy size for quite a long time, some babies and children might outgrow nappy sizes quite quickly. If you are buying 4 packs of different Pamper sizes, it’s important to think about how quick your baby or child will outgrow that nappy size. Always keep the receipt, should you need to exchange for a different size.


While Pampers nappies are good quality, it’s recommended that children’s nappies should be changed frequently throughout the day to avoid leakages and most importantly, bacterial infections such as nappy rash.

Asda Little Angels Cotton Soft Baby Wipes

The Asda baby wipes are fit for purpose; they are soft with enough moisture in them, not too wet or too dry, perfect for the job. The box of Little Angels wipes contains 12 packets of wipes and 64 wipes in each packet, the quality is amazing and the price is reasonable.


when buying baby wipes, it’s always better to buy at least 2-4 boxes at a time and preferably online, as this will save you time as well as carrying the box or boxes from the supermarket into the house, especially if you live in a place where there is a flight of stairs or for health reasons.


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